Don’t Cry For Me

Remember how a picture says a thousand words? This is a landscape photo of Patagonia, copied directly from a google images search. When I showed it to my dad, he said, “Wow, that looks more like a painting.” When I showed it to my boss, he said, “I bet you could catch some huge fish in that lake.” The first time I saw it, I thought of Tolkien’s Misty Mountains and the Mines of Moria glowing with gold.

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Concerning Hobbits

My alarm woke me up at 8:30am. Monday morning, again. Only— this was a good Monday morning. I had worked the whole weekend so today was my day off. I hit the snooze button, mentally calculating how many more times I could hit it and still make good use of my day.

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One down, Thirty-nine to go

Well, I almost kept my goals a full week (technically today is the 8th and therefore I’ve already failed the “blog every week” standard). Can you give me some credit for trying, though? After I post this little snippet of goodness, I will head to Tim’s apartment so we can blog some more! Double-doozey tonight.

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Happy New Year: A Resolution

I was at the golf course with my friend Victoria today. In between shots on the range, we discussed our New Years plans (or, in my case, lack thereof). Suddenly, I was hit by the fact that it was almost New Years Day.

“Oh my gosh. I need to make my New Years Resolutions,” I said, slightly panicked, stepping away from my golf ball.

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Oh the Places You’ll Go

Well, I’m back! I really don’t have any good excuse for my absence, except to say I’ve been directing my energies elsewhere. I hope you all were able to catch my “Ellen” episode, and also (finally) the episode of “The Price is Right.” I received a huge box from CBS Studios the other day, containing an egg boiler, a Brita water filter, a garlic press, and two Dolce & Gabbana watches. The water filter has proved useful, at least!

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