About the Bee

In Hebrew, my name means “worker bee”. I like that. I like what it implies: that I work steadily and consistently, but I am very much a part of a team. I enjoy bouncing from project to project and task to task, without defining myself by anything other than my work ethic and my faith. I am first and foremost a follower of Jesus Christ. I want to serve Him with the talents He has given me to the very best of my ability.

I graduated from Wheaton College in 2012, but that has not put a halt to my education. I love to read and grasp new ideas and consume information. I’m what some people call a “multipotentialite“– or someone with a variety of callings, rather than one specific passion.

My work history includes: professional golfer, archaeologist, international backpacker, librarian, film producer, administrative assistant, and spontaneous adventurer…

And I am also a writer. I’ve enjoyed writing this blog like crazy. I so appreciate those of you who have spent time reading through my travels and tales. I hope it’s been as pleasurable a journey for you as it has been for me. Thanks for all your support and inspiration. I wish you many blessings.


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