Wild Card

My Life on the Big Screen

“Debby– I have got to know what you do for work now! I keep seeing all these crazy pictures on Facebook and Insta!”

These days, I love getting asked about my job. Twenty-four hours after I returned to the States, I marched down to a casting office and dropped of my headshots and resume. Since then, I have spent four amazing months hopping from set to set, working all sorts of interesting and quirky gigs.

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Wild Card

Bad Hair Day

“Thank you for your submission for the hair modeling audition tomorrow…” the email began. I racked my brain, trying to remember the details about this casting assignment. I joined LA Casting two months ago, in hopes of booking more commercials and featured background roles. I applied to roughly twenty gigs every day and in return received the occasional response. I was mostly booked for background jobs on low budget short films, with a smattering of interesting new Netflix shows and commercials.

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Wild Card

Oh the Places You’ll Go

Well, I’m back! I really don’t have any good excuse for my absence, except to say I’ve been directing my energies elsewhere. I hope you all were able to catch my “Ellen” episode, and also (finally) the episode of “The Price is Right.” I received a huge box from CBS Studios the other day, containing an egg boiler, a Brita water filter, a garlic press, and two Dolce & Gabbana watches. The water filter has proved useful, at least!

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Wild Card

Just Another Manic Monday

Most people tend to hate Mondays. They come too soon, they last too long, and they are only the beginning of another full week of work.

Then, there are those of us who work in the customer service sector. Since Monday’s tend to be slow for us, I usually get the day off. After working a long, hard weekend, it is absolutely delightful to sleep in on Monday and spend the day however I wish.

And let me tell you: my last two Mondays have been FANTASTIC.

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Los Angeles, Wild Card

(Away from) Home for the Holidays

I know, I know. I really should have taken him down already. Christmas was what… a month ago now? But there’s something so sweet about a little Christmas tree, decorated with simple ball ornaments and tinsel. I purchased him a few weeks before the holidays, due in great part to the large amount of presents that had begun arriving at my apartment. My mom was clearly doing her part to make our family’s first Christmas away from home a memorable experience, so I felt a obligated to pull my own weight.

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