Wild Card

Just Another Manic Monday

Most people tend to hate Mondays. They come too soon, they last too long, and they are only the beginning of another full week of work.

Then, there are those of us who work in the customer service sector. Since Monday’s tend to be slow for us, I usually get the day off. After working a long, hard weekend, it is absolutely delightful to sleep in on Monday and spend the day however I wish.

And let me tell you: my last two Mondays have been FANTASTIC.

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Los Angeles, Wild Card

Who Wants to be on a Game Show?

We walked into a room from the seventies. The walls were covered with neon panels, accented by Christmas lights and hippie-style flower cutouts. For all its cheesiness, though, the room was vibrating with energy. People were being ushered to their seats by a swarm of red-coated assistants. The camera crew was hurrying into place. Several interns, distinguishable by their youth and general fluster, were running back and forth across the stage. Then, as if to complement this picture, a man in a deep purple, velour blazer came out on stage to greet us.

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