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10 Essential Travel Items

Ready to take that summer vacation you’ve been dreaming about all year? Here are ten fantastic products that will service all your travel needs, whether you are dusting off your hiking boots or packing your bikini for the beach.

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Wild Card

My Life on the Big Screen

“Debby– I have got to know what you do for work now! I keep seeing all these crazy pictures on Facebook and Insta!”

These days, I love getting asked about my job. Twenty-four hours after I returned to the States, I marched down to a casting office and dropped of my headshots and resume. Since then, I have spent four amazing months hopping from set to set, working all sorts of interesting and quirky gigs.

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Wild Card

Bad Hair Day

“Thank you for your submission for the hair modeling audition tomorrow…” the email began. I racked my brain, trying to remember the details about this casting assignment. I joined LA Casting two months ago, in hopes of booking more commercials and featured background roles. I applied to roughly twenty gigs every day and in return received the occasional response. I was mostly booked for background jobs on low budget short films, with a smattering of interesting new Netflix shows and commercials.

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Argentina, Travel and Adventure

A “New” Resolution

I’ve spent a lot of time online this past week, watching post after post pop up on my news feed with lists of New Years Resolutions. Some are inspiring, some are rather intimidating, and some are, quite frankly, boring. I looked at my own list from last year and realized that while I’d made some progress towards my goals, I had failed to satisfy nearly all.

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Argentina, Travel and Adventure

A Christmas Wish

Christmas went a little differently this year. We didn’t decorate a big tree or spend weeks shopping for gifts. We didn’t attend a candlelight Christmas Eve service. We didn’t eat coffee cake surrounded by piles of gift wrappings. Every time my iTunes played “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” I got a little teary-eyed.

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