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Happy New Year: A Resolution

I was at the golf course with my friend Victoria today. In between shots on the range, we discussed our New Years plans (or, in my case, lack thereof). Suddenly, I was hit by the fact that it was almost New Years Day.

“Oh my gosh. I need to make my New Years Resolutions,” I said, slightly panicked, stepping away from my golf ball.

Victoria rolled her eyes. “Do you seriously do those? It’s not like anybody ever actually keeps them.”

“No! My dad definitely keeps his,” I replied. During my time at home this Christmas, he had informed our family that he was going to be taking golf lessons and ‘getting his game back on track’.

After hitting a few more golf balls, I continued: “Like I want to train for something– have a reason to get back in the gym regularly. Maybe sign up for a 10k or half marathon?”

Victoria just laughed and continued to crush her shots. I could start by taking a few notes from her work ethic…


Now, a few hours later, I find myself laying on my bed, skimming blog after blog of people I don’t know. I keep finding these “inspiring traveler” stories and “things to do before you get married”. I love reading about people who are actually doing something. So here’s my list for the New Year. While they are varied, they are all things I can feel good about writing about. I want to be an active participant of this inspiring blog-dom. The gauntlet is being thrown down. I am ready for the challenge.

  1. Run a Race. 5k, 10k, Spartan Run, Triathlon, Ultra-Marathon, Mud Run, Color Run… doesn’t matter which! Just get moving!
  2. Write a 50,000 Word Novel: http://nanowrimo.org/ does this amazing program to help people complete a novel in a month. I’m not sure I can cram it all into 30 days, but I’d like to see it done in 12 months.
  3. Finish Level 1 of my PGA Apprenticeship. 1 step closer to being an actual “pro”!
  4. Blog Twice Per Week. Once on this blog, once over HERE.
  5. Finish in the Money at a Live Poker Tournament. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been studying Texas Hold ’em. Legitimately studying. And practicing. And playing. My parents are thrilled.
  6. Submit a Photograph to a Publication. Just got a new camera and I really want to take my photography skills to the next level. I don’t need to be the next Annie Liebovitz, but I want to see tangible progress.
  7. Travel to a New Place. Preferably abroad.
  8. Read 40 Books. Last year I shot for sixty  and quickly realized this was pretty unattainable for my pace of life. Forty seems slightly more reasonable.
  9. Be More Intentional with my Investments. After a fascinating conversation over Christmas with uncle about the stock market/options trading, I am way more interested in my personal finances. And since I have very little to lose, it’s the perfect time to learn! To begin: a brand new subscription to the Wall Street Journal.
  10. Invent Fun Ways to “Keep in Touch” I meet SO many people in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, I am terrible with names and have a rough track record with correspondence. This year, I solemnly swear to return all calls/emails/texts promptly AND to go out of my way to send cheer to all friends, family and acquaintances whenever I can.
  11. Get Creative in Serving the Community: i.e. Keep snacks in my car at all times for the homeless people at stoplights. Support more folks abroad through micro-loans @ kiva.org. And more!
  12. Slow Down. Amidst all the craziness, I need to take the time to slow down and recognize God’s great goodness. I am so blessed… I need to appreciate it all and dwell in the moment more often. Please hold me accountable to this!

I hope that you make some resolutions this year, too. Be ambitious, don’t hold back for fear of failing them (again). Even if you only accomplish them in part, you will still have some wonderful stories to treasure and share. I can’t wait to tell you mine.

Here’s to the stories. Here’s to the New Year. Here’s to moving forward with joy and happiness!



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