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Big Ideas

I must say, there is almost nothing more deliciously satisfying than making plans. Sometimes planning can be stressful, but even that added anxiety only serves to amplify the anticipation. Better yet are the times when you can develop an endless stream of ideas without any constraints or pressure. Only a few of those thoughts will wind their way into reality, but you distinctly recognize them as little droplets that flowed out of the deep sea of your mind.

Right now I have two major events that require intensive planning. The first of these is moving into an off-campus house for my last year of college. While I can hardly complain about my current apartment, the very concept of a house just thrills me. I get to really decorate, not just pick out new posters to sticky-tac to the walls. We’ll have lamps and big windows– no more long strings of Christmas lights.

We’ve already found our house for the year. It’s only a block from campus, it has a real backyard with a fire pit, there’s even a few rocking chairs on the front porch! And it has four bedrooms: which means we will all have our own space, at last.

But all this space requires tons of planning. We’re working out color palettes and room themes. I’m typing up a list of furniture we want to scout for on Craigslist. My brain simply will not stop replaying a mental walk-through of the layout. I want to touch every corner of the house and make it our home.

Now, for the second major experience. In all honesty, this blog was one of the earliest parts of this ‘plan’– way back when the ‘plan’ was still only a tiny drop of water. Now the river has pulled me in and spit me upon the shores of… Greece.

This summer I will be interning at Costa Navarino, a Westin Resort on the coast of Greece’s Southern Peloponnese. I will be working at the Dunes golf course there: helping in the pro-shop, doing some PR work, organizing golf clinics, and various other tasks. A golf course. IN GREECE. Can this be real?

It became real the moment I bought my plane ticket. I had invested time in contacting the resort and assorted staff-members, but when I actually put money into this venture– that was the moment it became my reality (of course, this ‘reality’ appears more like a white-sand mirage than a substantial summer job).

Where does this blog come in? Well, I want to craft both a personal journal to capture my experiences, reflections, adventures, disappointments, discoveries, and interactions from the summer, and I want to be able to share all those moments with the people I love. I want to provide you with as rich an account of my summer as possible, so that you can join in on my journey. I love planning and seeking out adventures, but I’ve come to realize that it means so much more when you have people to share in your life experiences. I promise to provide plenty of pictures and details. And I would absolutely love to receive your thoughts or input.

As a side note, I will continue to post random other blogs about topics completely unrelated to Greece. I often get inspired by various aspects of the arts or pop culture or news, etc. and I cannot resist putting a little more water into the social whirlpool.

I set off on my travels May 24. The countdown begins…


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