Wild Card

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Exams are completed. Papers are printed and turned in. Rooms are packed, cleaned, and emptied. Lots of sleep has been lost…

And now I’m home! I made it back to Indy around 6 o’clock today (thanks to my TomTom who saved me every time I took a wrong turn) and enjoyed a lovely dinner with my parents and some family friends. I will drive them all to the airport tomorrow morning, and watch them fly off to (where else?) Greece. It is quite a horrible tease to have to send my parents off to the country that I shall be going to in precisely 16 days. But, duty calls: I am to take care of the house while they see the sights and celebrate their 25th Anniversary.

It’s not too terrible, really. After a year’s worth of cafeteria food, I’m thrilled to have a kitchen and fully-stocked fridge all to myself. I have an endless pile of books to keep me entertained. I’ve got a gym membership and the determination to get back into shape. I cannot wait to have a full-day Pirates of the Caribbean marathon, leading up to the premiere of the new movie.The weather is warming up enough for me to fully enjoy playing golf again.  And, lucky for you, I’ve got this blog to motivate my writing!

Goal for the next 16 days: Write at least once every other day. 8 entries? From Indiana? Oh yes, it will be a challenge. But I like stepping up to the plate.

(Musical inspiration: Tom Petty’s “The Waiting”)


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