Greece, Travel and Adventure

It’s Time!

Golf clubs: check

Electrical adapters: check

Enough clothes to outfit a small army: check

Just finished zipping up my suitcase (which now weighs precisely 49.5 lbs). I am totally prepared for whatever weather or circumstance I might face in the next three months. It feels wonderful to see my golf bag all packed and strapped, leaned against the wall like a casual bystander. My clubs are ready, my bags are ready… but am I ready?

I received some last-minute details that have calmed my worries and tipped the scales dramatically in the “excited” direction. I will be living about 10 minutes from the resort in Costa Navarino in a little town called Gialova. Some quick wikipedia-ing provided me a few quaint details: “The centre of the village consists of two short streets, one fronting the Bay and the other at right angles to it, leading to the main Pylos-Kiparissia road. Where the two streets meet there is a mole used by local fishing boats (and for car parking). Other houses in the village are found along the Pylos-Kiparissia road and on the hills behind it.” Two abandoned wine factories are also located in Gialova. And we have our own small stretch of ocean!

First, though, I will be spending five days in Athens. My beautiful Aunt Renee has already lined up dinners and museum tours for me, and during the afternoons I will have some time to explore the city on my own. If I can make the travel arrangements work, I would love to get out to Corinth.

Indianapolis to Athens. What a great distance, both physically and culturally. I cannot wait to venture into the new world!


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