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You Know You Work at A Golf Course When…

1) You tell everyone you meet to “Have a nice round” instead of “Have a nice day”

2) You don’t find change in the bottom of the washing machine– you find golf tees

3) The only white part left on your shoes is where you accidentally sprayed them with white paint while marking circles around pins on the chipping green for a golf clinic (true story)

4) You start driving your car like a golf cart, complete with reverse spins into tiny parking spaces

5) You have unbelievably distinct sock tanlines

6) You know that it’s best to play in the morning, not because of the heat of the afternoon, but because the wind picks up around 12 o’clock and makes the course 10x more difficult

7) You connect guests’ names to the type of golf clubs they use, rather than their faces

8 ) You fold all your towels at home into perfect, cupholder-sized spirals

9) You start to repair divots in your neighbor’s front lawn

10) You turn up your nose at grocery store produce, preferring to pick your own apricots and oranges off the trees by the driving range

11) When you have a day off, you realize that the only place you really want to be is back at the course (tomorrow is my first day off– and I will be back here in the afternoon teaching one of my coworkers a thing or two on the range!)

The joys of the golf world 🙂


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