Los Angeles

Reality? Check.

Okay, so this post is just a quick “life update”. I love writing about all my adventures in LA, but I know some of you are concerned with whether I have a roof over my head! Here’s what’s happening:

1)   Home: Our big group split into two, in order to make our search for housing less difficult. Within the week, we had two fantastic, affordable apartments, in great locations. Liz, Meghan, and I live on the second floor of an apartment building right near downtown Pasadena. Liz is so close to her office that she often walks to work in the morning. Meghan just started Med School at USC and has met a group of students who also live in Pasadena and carpools with them regularly. I have had a month to explore the area and have really come to love how contained Pasadena is. We have mountains, our own downtown area, and we don’t have to deal with LA traffic if we don’t feel like it. BUT, if we want to go to LA or Hollywood, it’s only a twenty-minute drive! Did I mention there are palm trees lining my street? Yeah, I dig that.

2)   Work: I got a job!!! I actually go in to fill out paperwork today, but I will soon be working regular hours over at Annandale Golf Club. It’s a very nice golf course in Pasadena. And a very convenient commute! Can’t wait to tell you more about it… once I found out more myself.

3)   Film: Lots of random news to report. People are remarkably friendly in this town… and everyone knows somebody in the film biz. I’ve been making a lot of connections and some neat doors have opened up! I recently went to a film screening featuring two productions by Nadia Tass, a Greek director I met last summer in Athens. It was wonderful to see her again. She also gave me important insight into the world of Hollywood and helped me understand what different types of producers actually do (i.e. I realized that the type of position I would ultimately like to fill is that of a line producer). Also at the screening, I met several writers and producers, one of whom already contacted me about helping with a reality show! Another fun lead was from the seatfilling event. I sat next to a guy who had written a short film and was getting ready to begin shooting. He invited me to be the script supervisor and I accepted! We’re filming this upcoming weekend, so I’ll keep you posted. Lastly, the Wheaton crew has been getting a few things in the pipeline. We’ve been trying to develop a concept for a short film, but the process has been rather slow. Ten and I have begun to play with the idea of doing a YouTube series, though. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’m going to leave it at that. But, as you can see, we have been busy!!

4)   Church: When I first moved out here, I attended a church called Foothill with my roomies. It had a great worship team and the pastor was solid, but I didn’t feel the same ‘click’ that Liz and Meghan did. So, I decided to try a church that my mom recommended. “The Pastor of Lake Ave Church graduated in my same class at Wheaton! I’ve heard good things,” she told me. When I looked up directions to the church, I was shocked to realize that it took less time to walk to the church than to drive! Then the lightbulb came on: Lake Ave was the big church on the corner across from my apartment! That Sunday, I walked over to the sanctuary… and I just knew. The message, the music, everything about the service just made me feel like I belonged there. I introduced myself to the pastor afterwards and when he heard that I had just graduated from Wheaton, he said, “Well hey! I’m having lunch with a classmate of yours next week. Do you know Jess Min? You’d be welcome to join us.” Not only have I had a chance to get to know Pastor Greg and his wife, I’ve also been able to help out with Vacation Bible School, get plugged in with the Junior High Ministry team, and meet some really neat people my age. I feel very blessed!

5)   Community: I am constantly surrounded by wonderful people. I love my roommates, and we’ve had some hilarious bonding experiences. The Wheaton film crew holds weekly meetings to stay connected. Other local Wheaties have been consistent about inviting us out for fun events (Asian food festivals, “The Bachelor” parties, etc.). I’ve started to meet some fun people at church. And, as the cherry on top, we’ve had a ton of cool visitors this past month! Jonathan Sweeting (a fellow Greek/archaeology pal) spent a couple nights in town before flying off to China for a year of teaching. Jessie Fletcher (one of my dearest friends from college) has visited not once, but twice. Rachel Beveridge (my wonderful golf teammate) met up with me in Ventura for an afternoon chat that lasted so long that we both got roasted by the sun! Becky Gudnason (one of my closest friends from high school) is in LA now and fixed me one of the most delicious dinners I’ve ever had. And then there was Derek Meadows. Derek was a Wheatie who also starred in our Senior Class Film. He came and stayed for a month! I cannot even begin to describe the adventures that coincided with his presence in LA. He was so much fun to have around (and he did it all on $300!). I am so blessed to be surrounded by these people every day. Can’t wait to see who shows up next… Any takers?!


5 thoughts on “Reality? Check.”

  1. Oh man, it sounds like you’re having so much adventure. Graduate school seems so dull in comparison.

  2. You are such a fantastic writer, Debby. I’m so glad your mom told me about your blog while you were in Greece because I enjoy reading all your adventures and living vicariously through you very much! Keep it up, girl! 🙂
    – Sara Elliott (from the nursing home your grandfather was at)

    1. So fun to see Sara’s note!!! Would love to catch up with her….Sara, if you read this, are you still at GV? Let me know when and I’ll stop by. Connect here or on FB. Thanks, Betty

  3. Happy to see the update. Things seem to be falling into place……so excited for you.
    Papou enjoys your blog (I print them out for him ) and has a file for them. We send our love your way and hope to connect soon. Yiayia

  4. Sounds like you are in the right place, Debby! Congrats on the job and all the other endeavors you have pursued. I am enjoying keeping up with what is going on with you… thanks for taking the time to blog.

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