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Iguazu Falls

There are a couple things that you should know about Iguazu Falls. First off, the waterfall is actually a set of 275 discrete falls and islands, spanning an edge of nearly 2 miles along the border of Brazil and Argentina. And second, words simply do not do it justice. With that in mind, I will let my words be few and my photos be many!

(Photo idea courtesy of Jimi!)

We arrived in Puerto Iguazu on my birthday. After a 21-hour bus ride, we were ready to stretch our legs— so we dumped our bags at the hostel and hopped in a cab for the falls. While the entire economy of Puerto Iguazu is based on tourism, they have done a great job of preserving the natural environment. After paying our entrance fee, we walked down a long path to a small train station. The old, rickety train would not exactly have passed as a ride at Disneyland, but it efficiently transferred us deep into the jungle. We saw signs of wildlife everywhere!



A pair of monkeys were especially entertaining:
There are three main paths for viewing the Falls. The Upper Circuit takes you on a loop above the water, letting you peer over the edge.

The Lower Circuit takes you into the mist. Thankfully, I had a waterproof camera case with me— otherwise these pictures would have been impossible!

The last loop takes you to La Garganta del Diablo, “The Devil’s Throat”. The walkway spans a kilometer, completely over the river. At the end is a large viewing platform that gets you up close and personal with the chasm over which half of Iguazu’s water flows.

We spent the entirety of the next day at the falls, too. We enjoyed a relaxing raft ride along the upper crest:

And an insane boat trip into the very waterfall itself. I’m not kidding. The boat literally goes into the falls themselves. We got a little wet.

Iguazu was an incredibly memorable birthday experience. We could have easily spent another day enjoying the various scenic walks. Jimi was able to hop over to the Brazil side to get their viewing experience (I chose not to spend an extra $200 for a visa). He said it would have been a lot more impressive if he hadn’t already been up to the falls on the Argentine side!

While he was off on his excursion, I spent the afternoon at a wildlife refuge. They were rehabbing all sorts of animals, from jaguars to eagles to tucans!

It was quite a change from all of the cities I’ve spent most of my time in here. I loved diving into the natural surroundings and appreciating yet another of Argentina’s diverse regions. Iguazu Falls is certainly worth a visit if you ever find yourself in South America.


4 thoughts on “Iguazu Falls”

  1. What a great way to spend your (our) birthday!! ( :
    Happy for you, Debby. Blessings in your new year!! (wherever that may lead you.)
    hugs and love, Auntie Carol

  2. Hi Debby!
    Thanks for your amazing blog posts!!! It sounds like you are having the time of your life!!!
    What will you all be doing for Christmas? We have the kids and grandkids over for two days of fun and family time. Can’t wait!
    Just returned from two weeks in Germany, where we attended my brother in law’s wedding (widow for five years). It was a wonderful time!

    Blessings and wishing you both a wonderful Christmas!

    Roger and Lilli

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