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10 Essential Travel Items

Ready to take that summer vacation you’ve been dreaming about all year? Here are ten fantastic products that will service all your travel needs, whether you are dusting off your hiking boots or packing your bikini for the beach.

  1. Osprey Farpoint 55 – These backpacks are the best. We used them for a one-week trip to Costa Rica, two-week excursions through the Bolivian salt flats, and even our five-week adventure in Patagonia. I promise, 55 liters is plenty big for your travel needs if you pack efficiently. The features on these bags are ingenious: a zip-off day pack, a back panel that effectively turns your backpack into a suitcase, mesh front pockets, even an emergency whistle! It took us almost two years to realize there was an extra set of snaps that offered a front carrying option for the day pack. After years of wear and tear, our bags still look new. I can’t say enough about how awesome these are!!

    I was checking out Paraguay, but you can check out my Osprey pack!
  2. Master Lock Portable Safe– This little guy is only twenty bucks, but he brings invaluable peace of mind. Whether you want to lock up your valuables at night, carry extra cash on your roadtrip, or make sure you always know where your passport is, this portable safe is the perfect size and quality. Having cash while you travel is important– lots of countries have finicky ATM machines or give you poor exchange rates on credit cards. It even has an attached bike lock, so you can secure it to a sink or bed frame!
  3. Brita 20oz. Sport Water Bottle – While there are plenty of cool water bottles out there, I strongly prefer these Brita containers. They have effective filters, easy caps, and the bottles are flexible enough to fit in your pack comfortably. They’re a great size and even better price. Get a pair of them!

    The Brita fit so nicely in our Osprey pack
  4. Dramamine– Random? A little. But after six months of buses, boats, and planes in South America, I am a firm believer in the power of Dramamine. It is such a simple way to eliminate motion sickness– and most people forget to add this to their First Aid pack! It can be a life saver.
  5. Travelon Anti-Theft Slim Pouch– Stylish AND safe, this purse made my day-to-day experience so much better. I like this particular one, as it is small enough to sling across my body but large enough to hold my iPad, cash, phone, and passport. It features safety features like slash-proof fabric, zipper locks, cut-proof shoulder straps, and RFID blocking cards slots. There’s even an LED light to help you out in the dark.

    IMG_9495 (1)
    Brought my Travelon to our hot date night!
  6. SanDisk Ultra 32GB Memory Cards – These are vital to your trip! Don’t ever leave home without at least two good memory cards. Take all the RAW photos you want, without worrying about deleting some to make space. Also, some countries will pay top dollar for electronic products so having an extra might bag you a bit of loot abroad.

    Taking my 5,543rd photo of the trip
  7. Packtowl Personal Ultra-Soft Towel– For the adventurous summer travelers who are staying in hostels and tents, a good packtowel can make or break your trip. I found this particular brand to be extremely good. The towel is huge, but folds up to the size of a paperback book! It dries super quickly and feels soft against your skin. You definitely have to perfect the “pat dry” technique, but that comes with the territory.

    DEFINITELY needed my towel after this day.
  8. Keen Women’s Whisper Sandal– Another adventure necessity. If you are heading to a tropical location, avoid taking gym shoes and socks (they will NEVER dry). I loved trekking with my Keen’s in Costa Rica and found the Whisper style really cute. Amazon has some great deals on various colors, so it’s worth perusing them all.

    Check out my hot shoes! This was right before it started to pour…
  9. Anker PowerCore+– With international calling plans so affordable (and heck– free wifi!), your phone is now permanently a part of your vacation. However, not all countries are created equal in terms of charging locations and configurations. Instead of bringing expensive adapters, consider bringing a portable phone charger. You’ll get plenty of charges and many are run off common batteries.
  10. Lonely Planet The World: A Traveller’s Guide to the Planet– Yeah, yeah. I know I’ve mentioned my obsession with these books once or twice. But seriously, they are the BEST. Whether you’re looking for a swanky dinner spot or a thrifty hostel, Lonely Planet offers the best advice. Most countries are updated annually now, so the information is always accurate and informed.

Anything you would add to the list?



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