Argentina, Travel and Adventure

Patagonia: The Movie

5 Weeks. 2 Countries. 9 Hostels. 2,000 miles of bus rides.

1 Unforgettable Adventure.

This is the story of our trip to Patagonia, smushed into 3 and a half minutes. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Patagonia: The Movie”

  1. Pretty amazing! Great photography and love the music. It kept buffering on the blog so I went to Youtube and it popped right up! Great job, Deb!

  2. You’re up early this morning!!Why am I unable to watch the video through the blog but get it fine on youtube?Keeps buffering :)?It’s amazing!

  3. This is a beautiful synopsis of your journey…. Well done! Your eyes were treated to unbelievable sights!!
    Thanks for sharing….

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