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Concerning Hobbits

My alarm woke me up at 8:30am. Monday morning, again. Only— this was a good Monday morning. I had worked the whole weekend so today was my day off. I hit the snooze button, mentally calculating how many more times I could hit it and still make good use of my day.

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Coast to Costa

I recently celebrated my 25th birthday. Not only was I reminded numerous times that I was a quarter-of-a-century-old now, but I was also chided for not documenting any of my recent excursions. So, before my life slips past me entirely, I decided I would take up the mantle of blogging once again!

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The Old Zoo

Things did not look very promising.

“Umm… maybe it’s up that way?” I said, pointing towards the skinny dirt trail, slinking up the side of the hill. I started billy-goating my way upwards, hoping to scout out the landscape before I dragged Jaci and Nikki up the awkward incline. No sign of anything but dirt and brush.

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One down, Thirty-nine to go

Well, I almost kept my goals a full week (technically today is the 8th and therefore I’ve already failed the “blog every week” standard). Can you give me some credit for trying, though? After I post this little snippet of goodness, I will head to Tim’s apartment so we can blog some more! Double-doozey tonight.

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Happy New Year: A Resolution

I was at the golf course with my friend Victoria today. In between shots on the range, we discussed our New Years plans (or, in my case, lack thereof). Suddenly, I was hit by the fact that it was almost New Years Day.

“Oh my gosh. I need to make my New Years Resolutions,” I said, slightly panicked, stepping away from my golf ball.

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Oh the Places You’ll Go

Well, I’m back! I really don’t have any good excuse for my absence, except to say I’ve been directing my energies elsewhere. I hope you all were able to catch my “Ellen” episode, and also (finally) the episode of “The Price is Right.” I received a huge box from CBS Studios the other day, containing an egg boiler, a Brita water filter, a garlic press, and two Dolce & Gabbana watches. The water filter has proved useful, at least!

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Ellen Degeneres: April 23, 2013

Be sure to tune in to The Ellen Degeneres Show TODAY!!! My friend, Miyuki, and I had the chance to be in the audience for an amazing episode, featuring Diane Keaton and Jon Bon Jovi. See if you can catch us in the crowd (hint: look directly behind Ellen and the lady who wins the “wine purse”).

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Just Another Manic Monday

Most people tend to hate Mondays. They come too soon, they last too long, and they are only the beginning of another full week of work.

Then, there are those of us who work in the customer service sector. Since Monday’s tend to be slow for us, I usually get the day off. After working a long, hard weekend, it is absolutely delightful to sleep in on Monday and spend the day however I wish.

And let me tell you: my last two Mondays have been FANTASTIC.

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Sun and Snow

I needed a vacation.

After working Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and even Martin Luther King, Jr. day, it was about time I took a break. But… where to go?

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